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Grow your business with our email marketing management service.

Build Lists

Capture emails and build a list of of subscribers

Buyer Persona

Segment your contacts, and deliver tailored messages

Lead Nurturing

Develop cold contacts into warm leads with personalised marketing.

Email Templates

We have a vast range of proven formats for each situation.

Testing & Reporting

Monitor your email marketing campaigns with real-time open and click rate statistics.

Marketing Automation

Send emails automatically with a CRM, and automatic sequencing.

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We design attractive emails using creativity and science. 

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Email Marketing


Billing is based on the number of email templates created and sent.

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  • Creating and monitoring a wide variety of email marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring design and layouts of emails are optimized, user and mobile-friendly
  • Proofreading key messaging in and out of email templates
  • Sending graphics requests to designers
  • Compiling email lists
  • Purging email lists
  • Securing email databases for future campaigns
  • Following up on emails
  • Placing product orders
  • Creating digital ads
  • Tracking and analyzing campaign results
  • Aiding additional digital marketing efforts.
  • Identify target audience and grow our email list
  • Design and implement direct email marketing campaigns
  • Proofread emails for clarity, grammar and spelling
  • Ensure mobile-friendly email templates
  • Write newsletters including all company updates
  • Upgrade our email templates using graphics, personalization and advanced features
  • Ensure prompt and accurate communication with clients via email to minimize unsubscribes
  • Create email databases for lead generation
  • Analyze campaign performance and suggest improvements
  • Report on sales revenue generated from email marketing efforts
  • Ensure emails follow industry policies and best practices
    Managing the companies email campaigns and communicating company brands through email marketing.
    Analysis of current email marketing campaigns and making recommendations for improvement.
    Managing trigger email campaigns throughout the customer lifecycle to maximise sales.
  • Carrying out segmentation of the database and implementing remarketing strategies.
  • A/B Testing on various email campaigns to establish the most effective.
  • Tracking and reporting on email campaigns in order to guide improvements.
  • Report on sales revenues generated through email marketing campaigns.
  • Ensuring all email campaigns comply with current email best practice.
  • Working closely with the Head of CRM to develop a clear CRM strategy.

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